How Stake is Adopting the UAE’s 2023 Year of Sustainability Initiative!

As the UAE seeks to prove the new green economy model can be successful, 2023 has been announced as the Year of Sustainability under the theme, ‘Today for Tomorrow’ 💚

At Stake, we understand the paramount importance of sustainability, even without mandated compliance. And, we believe in the power of small steps leading to significant change. Our recent transformation, inspired by the UAE’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, is a testament to that. Read on 👇

Last month, we announced to investors of Studio One 2009, a holiday home located in Dubai Marina, that all refurbishments and furnishing work had been completed in less than 25 days after the issuance of the title deed! Now, it’s your turn to have a look at the transformation our Stake experts envisioned and brought to life 💥

Care to explore Dubai Marina?

The most sought-after neighborhood in the city, Dubai Marina is a premier community that boasts over 200 luxury skyscrapers, a wide range of dining and entertainment options, and urban waterfront living for its residents.

🍃In line with this initiative, we did things a little differently to give the unit an edge over similar holiday homes in the area. So, we got it sustainably furnished in partnership with a USGBC LEED-certified fit-out and interior design contractor capable of delivering what our team had in mind. The before and after photos speak for themselves…

◀️ Before…


🔍 Our intention for this renovation was to…

  • Apply sustainable practices
  • Furnish the unit with locally-made furniture
  • Maximize our investors’ ROI by capitalizing on the green initiative

🛋️ Some of the sustainable design choices we made include…

  • Retrofitting light fixtures with long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs that allow for better color rendering, lower energy consumption, and 0mg mercury content. 
  • Adding safer appliances that consume less energy and emit a lower level of carbon. These include a low-voltage, high-efficiency washing machine, microwave, toaster, kettle, and coffee maker.
  • Avoiding plastic items in favor of materials such as steel (100% recyclable), aluminum, cork, wood, fabrics such as organic cotton and linen (GOTS certified), and 100% recycled polyester.

Studio One 2009 went live on holiday home booking platforms on March 6th and has received a couple of bookings since 🚀Feel free to share the Airbnb and links with your friends and family if they’re intending to visit Dubai soon and are looking for a bright and environmentally-responsible studio to call home for a few days!

👀Expect to see more sustainably furnished properties on our platform very soon…

Start building your portfolio now 🚀

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