Curious about the process behind setting up holiday homes?

As you may have seen over the last few months, in an effort to provide investors with as many diversification opportunities as possible, our team has ramped up the search to find the best holiday homes in Dubai 🏡

With 20+ holiday homes now on our platform, it is safe to say that these properties have become an integral part of our offering. With that being said, it is important to note the slightly different process that our team must navigate before you start receiving your monthly income.

Working with design teams, contractors, maintenance companies, building managers, and a selection of the city’s leading property managers, we do our utmost to get these properties in tip-top shape to maximize returns for our investors!

Some of the short-term property management companies we’ve partnered up with are…

Partnerships like these have formed over the past year, as we focus on ensuring the assets managed by Stake are kept to the highest of standards while keeping maintenance and upkeep requirements to a minimum.

Still, much of our work is completed behind the scenes, and it’s inevitable that the nitty-gritty of our process gets overlooked. So, we thought we’d share with you what our asset management team is focused on, on a day-to-day basis!

From investment to income, the play-by-play:

When we say Stake is hassle-free, we mean it! Our team works tirelessly against the clock to ensure properties are upgraded and furnished to the best standards. This allows us to confidently rent them out on platforms such as Airbnb while maximizing potential income for our investors. 

💡It is normal that we may see a dip in holiday-goers over the summer months here in Dubai, but the demand for holiday homes is here to stay, and we believe these properties should be part of every real estate investor’s portfolio as the returns may be higher over the course of a year. Moreover, the renovation work we undertake also improves our likely exit valuation significantly.

If you’re interested to learn more about the differences between holiday homes and long-term rentals, read this  👀

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