The Art of Selection: Stake’s Methodology for Identifying High Potential Investment Opportunities

In the ever-evolving and intricate landscape of real estate investment, our dedicated acquisitions team at Stake steps forward to transform what was once complex into a simple process.

Our Mission? To curate a portfolio of prime properties in Dubai, liberating investors on the platform from the exhaustive task of market analysis. Through an in-depth study of performance indicators and a holistic process, we unearth properties with the potential to allure investors. 

Uncovering high-potential investment opportunities

Acquisitions Methodology

We present investors with prospects poised for enduring return on investment and capital appreciation. 

1. Substantial data collection and validation

Our quantitative analysis journey commences with comprehensive data collection, property history, economics, demographics, rental, and market trends. 

2. Market insights 

The team at Stake consists of industry leaders and real estate experts. Furthermore, our network includes agents, appraisers, and property managers. Together, they play a crucial role in shaping our all-encompassing acquisitions strategy. They carefully assess investment options to identify those that align most effectively with our investors’ goals. Our evaluation criteria examine various factors, ranging from population trends to infrastructure initiatives and masterplan advancements.

3. Comparative market analysis

Comparative Market Analysis allows the assessment of similar properties in the market; we can detect patterns, evaluate pricing differences, and analyze potential investment opportunities. With this approach, we compare similar properties that have been sold or are currently available on the market. These comparable units should share similar attributes such as size, condition, age, amenities, and location. 

4. Financial projections

In the decisive stage, we forecast the expected cash flows and carry out a returns analysis. Despite real estate being a long-term investment, tracking cash flows on a monthly basis remains important. By evaluating potential rental income, expenses, and vacancy rates, we compute the projected net income for the unit. This analysis results in an implied Return on Investment (ROI) and on that basis, we decide whether or not the investment opportunity is attractive. If a property shows strong net yield and ROI within a 5-year timeframe, it qualifies as a promising investment and is eligible to be offered on our platform.

5. Third-party valuations

Within the broader real estate market context, and more specifically at Stake, regular property valuations are essential in confirming the ideal price point for an investment. They also allow us to maintain transparency and precision within our investment scope. 

Your wins, our key performance levers

This brings you one step closer to closing an exceptional real estate investment deal. Explore the fundamental pillars we refer to as “key performance levers” – Capital Appreciation, Returns, Rental Income, and Occupancy – these serve as your guiding principles toward unparalleled wins in your next investments.

Capital appreciation 
Real estate capital appreciation embodies the gradual increase in a property’s value over time, reflecting the notable upswing in its market worth. To cater to the promising prospects of future capital appreciation, our course of action revolves around acquiring properties at or below the most current valuation level. This tactic not only positions investors advantageously for potential gains as property prices escalate but also allows us to explore, on the investors’ behalf,  a strategic exit when the time is right in order to deliver unrealized returns.
Net yield
Net Yield, a vital real estate metric, gauges rental property income by deducting costs from revenue. It clarifies profit and future earnings, with the formula:
Net Yield = (Gross Rental Income – Operating Expenses) / Property Price * 100
🏠 Gross Rental Income: tenant revenue.
🔧 Operating Expenses: insurance, maintenance, upgrades, fees.
e.g. Property purchased for AED 1,500,000, gross rent AED 110,000, expenses total at AED 23,000; resulting in a net yield of 5.8%.  Keep in mind that a higher Net Yield suggests a better investment and a greater overall return.
Return on investment (ROI)
Return on Investment (ROI) stands as a pivotal measure in real estate evaluation, quantifying the percentage return on your initial property investment across a defined period. Notably, ROI captures both capital appreciation and rental income, rendering it as an aggregated reflection of financial gains.
ROI = (Net Profit / Total Investment) x 100
📊 Net Profit = Total Revenue (rental income + appreciation) – Total Costs.
For instance, an AED 3,000,000 property yields AED 1,450,000 in 5 years, ROI: 48.3%. Beyond numbers, ROI captures investment performance, merging income and growth. A higher ROI signifies a promising, profitable investment. 
Rental income
At Stake, we prioritize rental income’s reliability, seamlessly integrating it into our core assessment process. So, what aspects do we investigate? Factors shaping rental rates include:
  • Prime Location: Proximity to attractions leads to higher rents.
  • Property Characteristics: Size, layout, and quality influence rates.
  • Maintenance Quality: Well-kept properties yield better returns.
  • Unique Features: Views and floor levels elevate rental rates.
Ways to maximize property value:
  • Strategic Upgrades: Enhance value with modern amenities.
  • Enhanced Appeal: From fixtures to technology, elevate the property’s ambiance for higher rents.
Our proactive pre-leasing process, in collaboration with property management agencies, minimizes vacancies during turnovers and optimizes strategies to suit diverse needs. 
Occupancy Rate Formula = (Predicted Occupied Months / 12 Months) x 100; a higher rate underscores robust demand and desirability.


The art of selection is now yours to wield, backed by a methodology that empowers you to identify high-potential investment opportunities and secure a future filled with financial accomplishments. On that note, and with Stake’s help through curating a selection of premium properties, we free you from the burden of market scrutiny, making your investment journey seamless, inclusive, and confident.

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