Saudi Arabia is navigating an unprecedented transformation, catalyzed by its ambitious Vision 2030 agenda. The Kingdom is in the midst of a $1.1 trillion construction wave that goes beyond mere modernization to reshape its economic and social fabric. Rather than merely upgrading what exists, Saudi Arabia is setting a new global standard for how to build a 21st-century society—innovative, sustainable, and economically diversified.

This isn’t just an economic strategy; it’s a comprehensive approach aimed at elevating the standard of living and setting a global example. By attracting local and international investments and focusing on holistic development, Vision 2030 presents a replicable model of transformative economic and social strategy that other nations could emulate.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is a strategic roadmap anchored in three pivotal themes: Economic Transformation, Societal Development, and Governmental Effectiveness, each designed to create a sustainable and prosperous future for the Kingdom.

1. Economic Transformation:

  • Diversify and expand the economy through privatization and the development of new sectors.
  • Increase the private sector’s contribution to GDP from 40% to 65%.
  • Elevate the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the economy, targeting a contribution to GDP of 35%.
  • Increase Saudi Arabia’s share of non-oil exports in non-oil GDP from 18.7% to 50%.
  • Boost Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to make up 5.7% of GDP.
  • Optimize resource allocation to achieve more efficient public spending.
2. Societal Development:
  • Strengthen both Islamic and national identities.
  • Foster fulfilling and healthy lifestyles for all residents.
  • Institutional and Workforce Empowerment

3. Enhance governmental effectiveness:

  • Increase employment opportunities, with a particular focus on Saudi nationals.
  • Create an attractive and conducive investment environment for both local and foreign investors.
 Transforming Real Estate and FinTech Sectors in the Kingdom
The Kingdom has opened the doors to a plethora of investment opportunities, ushering in a new era of growth for all its sectors, particularly real estate.  Major initiatives like NEOM—a $500 billion megaproject expected to accommodate up to 9 million residents by 2045, as per Al-Arabiya Newspaper, will highlight the nation’s leap into global competitiveness, putting it on par with established travel and investment hubs like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This supercity is highlighted by one of many projects “THE LINE” – two skyscraper-like structures extending an astounding 170 km across the desert with a focus on developing smart cities and research hubs which is set to shift the dynamics of the real estate market. This transformation will attract a new wave of tenants and property investors who prioritize tech-driven, and sustainable living. These changes are particularly significant given the projected population growth in the Kingdom, expected to rise from the current 33 million to between 50 to 55 million by 2030. As such, the Vision 2030 agenda is not merely reshaping the national landscape; it is setting the stage for a more dynamic and globally competitive Saudi real estate sector.
Saudi Arabia is also positioning itself as a FinTech powerhouse in alignment with its Vision 2030 objectives, aiming to expand the number of FinTech companies to 525 and contribute more than SR13 billion to the GDP by 2030, as mentioned by ZAWYA. This strategic focus on FinTech is not just about business growth; it’s also about human capital, as it is expected not only to fortify the private sector but also to create 18,000 specialized jobs, showcasing the Kingdom’s multifaceted strategy for economic diversification, thus heading away from over-reliance on oil revenues.
How Does Stake Fit into the Picture?
Given the Kingdom’s proactive measures to foster a favorable environment for fintech innovation, as demonstrated by the Vision’s objectives, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Stake is set to debut in Saudi Arabia by the end of this year. Having secured an ExPermit from the Capital Markets Authority, Stake is strategically positioned to amplify foreign investment within the Kingdom. But that’s just scratching the surface of what’s in store, as we’re not stopping at simply offering our world-class investment platform to Saudi investors. Stake aims to be a conduit, bringing global investment opportunities to the Kingdom, and what’s even more exciting is our plan to introduce real estate investment funds that focus on carefully selected assets in Saudi Arabia.
For more insights and updates, check out our latest press release and be an active part of our journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! 
In the words of the Crown Prince, “We have the cash. We have the land. We have the stability. We have a good infrastructure. We are a G20 country. We want to create a new civilization for tomorrow.”

Indeed, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is not just a series of projects but a reimagining of a nation’s future. The agenda sets a foundation for economic diversification, private sector growth, and global competitiveness, bringing untold opportunities for businesses in real estate, FinTech, and beyond. 


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