Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 era, Stake made its debut in the UAE’s vibrant real estate market. Starting with just one Prescribed Company (PC) or else known to our investors as an SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), in a mere three years, Stake now boasts an astounding 115 PCs. This is not just a number, this represents Stake’s achievement of being the first company in the MENA region to hold this many PCs for the purpose of fractionally owned real estate.

For those unfamiliar, PCs are registered under the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Each PC is crafted to own a specific property under Stake’s management. They function as connectors, linking investors to their fractional property holdings. From the initiation of its very first PC on 14th February 2021, Stake has captivated a community of over 10,000 active investors where each owns a fraction of a property on the platform.

During 2023, Stake’s trajectory has been beyond impressive. From a modest beginning of 1-2 PCs monthly, the company is now setting up an average of 10 PCs every month. When it comes to investing on the platform, upon any property being fully funded, investors on Stake receive two documents to validate their ownership. First, a share certificate registered with the SPV’s name, governed by DIFC, which exemplifies the PC’s core objective to exclusively hold the funded property. The second is a title deed, issued by the Dubai Land Department, which stands as proof of the investors’ fractional property ownership.

Did you know?
In September 2023, Stake marked a significant milestone by registering 1,118 investors under a single SPV. This gathering of investors is the largest for any SPV since its inception. Impressively, the property associated with this SPV was valued at about AED 4.5M.

For all of Stake’s investors, old and new, such growth offers:

  • Diverse Investment Options: With an increasing property portfolio, there are more options to invest in
  • A Second Income: The appeal of fractional property ownership lies in its substantial rental yield
  • Assured ROI: Stake has already given out almost AED 7M in rental income, so investors see real, and steady returns every month

As the company makes its mark in the MENA region, leading the way with its tally of PCs for shared property ownership, valued at over AED 200M, Stake is here to enable everyone to gain access to the world of real estate.

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