Welcome to the DIFC

The DIFC offers something for everyone, featuring all of the perks of a bustling city center, from business, retail outlets, art exhibits, world-renowned dining, and more. A favorite of residents and visitors alike, construction is currently underway to expand its footprint. Approved by Dubai ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid in 2019, the planned second phase of the DIFC will expand Dubai’s financial district to three times its current size by 2024. The project will include 6.4 million sq. ft of offices, 1.5 million for residences and businesses; 2.6 million in creative space and 700K for entertainment areas. Home to more than 4,000 active companies, the DIFC continues to be recognized as the region’s leading financial center, serving businesses and residents alike with access to a plethora of amenities, services, and attractive infrastructure. Read on to learn more about this neighborhood’s many attractive qualities!

Commute times

  • Intl. Airport 15m. by car, 27m. by metro.
  • Downtown 12m. by car, 15m. by metro.
  • Dubai Marina 25m. by car, 30m by metro.

Nearest public transport

  • 🚇 Financial Centre Station
  • 🚇 2m metro ride to Emirates Tower Station
  • 🚇 4m metro ride to World Trade Center Station

One destination for business, art, fine dining, and more!

Around the block

The lifestyle

The DIFC is a self-contained community with high-end residential buildings, green spaces, and world-class amenities. Tailored to meet the needs and desires of the city’s elite and affluent residents, the lifestyle in the neighborhood offers a combination of luxury and convenience.


Known also for its bustling art scene, there are a handful of prime art galleries to visit at DIFC, which carry popular art collections from local and international artists. The next time you’re in DIFC, make your way to:

  • Sconci Gallery
  • Opera Gallery 
  • The Empty Quarter
  • Mosaic Art Gallery


The DIFC, termed by many as a “Millionaire’s foodcourt” for good reason, boasts a wide variety of award-winning dining spots from around the world. Plenty of fan favorites to choose from, some of the most popular locations include:

  • Zuma; a contemporary Japanese restaurant and lounge — approx. AED 550 for 2 people
  • Sucre; a restaurant and bar concept that pays tribute to Argentina and its Mediterranean roots — approx. AED 420 for 2 people 
  • La Petite Maison; a relaxed environment offering a mix of French and Italian cuisine — approx. AED 350 for 2 people
  • Clap; a chic space specializing in upscale Japanese dishes and unique drinks — approx. AED 600 for 2 people


Coffee lovers, rejoice! There seems to be a coffee shop on every corner. Whether you’re looking to satisfy your need for caffeine with a cup of joe or treat yourself to a pastry, DIFC’s coffee scene has got you covered.

  • The classics include: Caribou Coffee, Costa, Starbucks, Pret – 
  • If you want to try something new, DIFC is the place to be: HAVE, Tutti, Common Grounds, Encounter, Orijins, Dlish


Depending on the season, the DIFC holds plenty of exciting events at Gate Avenue and Gate Village that continue to wow returning attendants and inspire newcomers to mark their calendars for the next one. Truly unmissable events that cater to a variety of tastes like:

  • Art Nights
  • Jazz Nights
  • Regular activations and events


As DIFC is more of a business hub than a school-friendly district, the nearest school is a 14-minute drive on average. Top institutions include British and American curriculum schools like:

  •  Citizens School, City Walk (within 1.5 km) — 10 minute drive
  • Horizon English School Dubai (within 4 km) — 13 minute drive
  • New Academy School (within 4.2 km) — 17 minute drive
  • Hartland International School (within 5 km) — 15 minute drive

As for nursuries, there are plenty of them to choose from within the neighborhood, all mostly located within DIFC’s Gate Avenue, namely:

  •  Best Kidz Nursery (within 1.5 km from DIFC Road 312)
  • British Orchard Nursery (within 1.8 km from DIFC Road 312)
  • Hummingbird Nursery (within 200m from DIFC Road 312)


What many appreciate about DIFC is that it’s easy to strike a balance between work and everyday hobbies, much like going to the gym, made more accessible with plenty of popular destinations to choose from:

  • Fitness First (within 300 m) — 4 minute drive
  • The Warehouse, Gate Avenue (within 950 m) — 5 minute drive
  • Barry’s Dubai, DIFC (within 2 km) — 7 minute drive
  • The Platform Studios, Index Tower (within 2 km) — 7 minute drive


There are plenty of specialty hospitals and clinics within close proximity to DIFC, namely:

  • The Clinic by Medcare, Gate Village (within 2 km) — 8 minute drive
  • Aster Clinic, Sheikh Zayed (within 5.4 km) — 13 minute drive
  • Emirates Hospital Clinic, Business Bay (within 5.4 km) — 12 minute drive
  • Emirates Specialty Hospital (within 8.2 km) — 13 minute drive

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